Design requirements

0 % Design requirements

Designing a website or a webapp requires following some rules and taking into consideration that the project is not only a graphic project but a web project too. The next sections are crucial for any web project.

Grid system

  • The Web Designer can keep the grid in a transparent layer and use it on all his project.


Fonts and texts

Fonts are an essential part of every design, they shouldn’t be chosen without discernment. Choosing the wrong font for a project could have financial and legal impacts. It is recommended to ask your client to buy these fonts to avoid possible future issues and take into consideration the condition of use. Some webfonts are limited in terms of pageviews and can’t be hosted.

  • (in a Zip file or given access to the website where they were bought)

Links and navigation

Images / Icons

Additional Ressources

Forms and buttons

Responsive Web Design

Style Guide and component approach

Delivery files

Analysis and pre-work phases

0 % Analysis and pre-work phases

Paper Analysis

It is recommended printing some (or all) of the pages you have on an A3 format (or A4 if you don’t have this format). Because of the height of the page. you’ll probably need to print some designs on multiple pages.

Pre-development phase

Additional Ressources


0 % Validation

The validation phase is when everything seems to be ready to be integrated. The client, in general, validate the creatives without waiting for any approval from the technical team. As exposed in the Design Checklist, it is essential that developers ensure the quality of the delivery before starting to code.

Development phase

0 % Development phase

Development phase

Before production

0 % Before production

Before launching your website, be sure to review all your pages using the Front-End Checklist.

Report and navigation